Buffett’s Shareholders General Meeting


Each year in May, investors throughout the world gather at Omaha, Nebraska for the once in a year banquet in the Finance Industry – Buffett’s Shareholders General Meeting, also known as Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders General Meeting. Not only is it the once in a year financial event, but also the only opportunity to listen to the lectures from Buffett on stock markets and financial investment. In addition, the event brings every attendee unpredictable business opportunities with over 50,000 investors from all around the world.

Here at AmeriChina, we devoted to providing every business elite with high-end services during every year’s Buffett’s Shareholders General Meeting. With us, our members enjoyed the investing banquet as well as experience a systematic American investment expedition. In 10 days, they journeyed across the East Coast and the West Coast, from New York to Boston, from Omaha to Silicon Valley. We offered our members the opportunity to face-to-face meetings with the managerial level at the top American financial investment companies and the professors at Harvard Business School, and to visit high-tech corporations in Silicon Valley. They were able to connect with the US financial and politic elites, and receive the first-hand information about the development of the US economy and business markets.

Their journey with AmeriChina started from New York City. After the visits to Morgan Stanley & Co., the Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs and meetings with their managerial level about financial investment, our clients headed towards the academic capital of the US – Boston. There they visited worldly renowned academic institute – Harvard University, and listened to the lectures on investment risks by professors at Harvard Business School. Next came to the summit of their journey, our clients participated in Buffett’s Shareholders General Meeting at Omaha, Nebraska, and listened to the phenomenal lectures from Buffett and Charlie Munger. They also had the chance to talking directly with Buffett during the Q&A section. The extraordinary journey of theirs ended in Silicon Valley. Here our clients visited the global headquarters of Apple and Google, Uber, Airbnb as well as other sharing economy start-ups. They also paid a visit to the Silicon Valley Venture Incubator for their investing venture projects.