International Lifestyle & Entertainment Experience


International Lifestyle & Entertainment Experience


Event-Themed Customized Tour

AmeriChina customize high-end, fashion and LOHAS-related tours for our clients. The customized tours are event-focused, and also include all kinds of related entertainment lifestyle experiencing activities. AmeriChina is aimed at customizing premium, enjoyable tours for our clients. AmeriChina’s pervious customized tour highlights include:

/ Fashion Shows /
New York Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week: Men’s, Paris Fashion Week, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Met Gala

/ Award Ceremonies /
Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Horse Awards, Tony Award

/ Film Festivals /
Cannes Film Festival, Chinese American Film Festival, New York Independent Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival

/ Celebrity Meetings /
Anne Hathaway, Lara Liang Veronin and Esther Liang Veronin, Zishan Yang, etc.
Music Festival: New York Modern Sky Festival

/ Sports Events /
World Cup, European Football Championship, Super Bowl, NBA All-star Game
Philanthropy: First Lady Luncheon, Clinton Foundation



High-End Entertainment & Lifestyle Tour 

High-end entertainment & lifestyle tour is AmeriChina’s brand new international lifestyle and entertainment experiencing service, which allows clients to mix & match products and service from AmeriChina’s product list. AmeriChina is committed to customize tours based on clients’ preferences and interests. The AmeriChina’s product list includes hundreds of entertainment experiencing services, which fall into four categories:

/ Lifestyle /
/ Entertainment & Leisure /
/ Sports & Fitness /
/ Arts & Culture /


High-End Business Tour

High-End Business Tour


Event-Themed Customized Business Tour 

AmeriChina customized high-end business tours for our clients. The customized business tours are focused on annual business events, and provide clients with opportunities of participating in business exhibition and convention, visiting Fortune 500 companies or selected companies, and having conversations with company management. AmeriChina’s pervious customized business tour highlights include:

/ Buffett’s Shareholders Meeting /
/ Columbia China Prospects Conference /
/ VidCon Video Conference /
/ Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East Trade Shows /

/ Company Tours /
Google, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Well Fargo, Walt Disney Pictures, 21st Century Fox, Sony Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros Pictures, Creative Artists Agency, United Talent Agency.

/ Organisation Tours /
United Nations Headquarters, New York City Hall, Work Bank, New York Stock Exchange, International Monetary Fund.



Industry-Oriented Customized Business Tour 

AmeriChina’s industry-themed customized business tour helps our clients to have comprehensive knowledge and profound understanding of a particular international industry, and creates business communications and partnership opportunities. The industries include:

/ Culture & Entertainment Industries /
Fashion, Film & Television, Media, Communications, Arts, Lifestyle, etc.

/ Finance Industries /
Private Financial Management, Asset Allocation, Real Estate Development, Acquisition Financing, etc.

/ Others Industries /
Technology, Internet, New Energy, Education, Medical, etc.


Public Relations Consulting Service

Public Relations Consulting Service


International Agent Service

Based in New York City, AmeriChina provides international agent service for Chinese celebrities with its geographical and cultural advantages. AmeriChina facilitates the following service within United States: 

/ High-end events invitation and media promotion /
/ Entertainment company inspection and conversation with professionals /
/ Professional training and certification /
/ Film, television and online video project production or cooperation /
/ Onsite business events planning or cooperation /


AmeriChina provides consulting and project supporting service for Chinese entities in the field of entertainment, film and television industry in United States.

/ Investment projects /
Hollywood films, co-production films, American television shows, American reality shows, and Intellectual Property purchase

/ Program production and event execution /
overseas filming and view catching of television and film, live concerts and fashion shows


AmeriChina, as the cultural and business bond between China and the United States, invites U.S. scholars, experts and professionals on behalf of Chinese companies to attend or present at business and academic occasions. Our scholar, experts and professionals resources:

/ Hollywood directors and producers /
/ Cannes Film Festival directors and producers /
/ Top executives from Walt Disney Pictures, 21st Century Fox, Sony Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros Pictures /
/ Professors from Ivy Leagues Universities /
/ Internet celebrity agency and top executives of Multi-channel Network industry /
/ Top executive of video and live streaming platforms /

AmeriChina is as well as capable of representing Chinese entities to invite foreign celebrities to attend online and off-line projects, including film and television production, advertisement production and other necessary occasions. Our celebrity resources:

/ A-list Hollywood celebrities /
/ Celebrities from Creative Artists Agency /
/ Celebrities from United Talent Agency /
/ European actors and actresses /
/ American popular bloggers and Internet celebrities /





Event Planning

AmeriChina provides our clients with the most professional event planning service, organizing resources to create best presentations for the brands, business, organizations and individuals, as well as to pursue best media promotion. The core services include:

/ Fashion Show /
New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week

/ Art Exhibition /
United Nations Headquarters, The Louvre

/ Keynote Speech /
Harvard University, United Nations Headquarters

/ Art Performance /
Opera at Lincoln Center, Concert at Carnegie Hall, Music Festivals

/ Social Event /
Cocktail party, themed party, luxury wine party

/ Industrial Salon /
Fashion, arts, films, finance, real estate

/ Press Conference /
New product launching, event announcement



Media & Advertising

AmeriChina provides Chinese clients with international media and advertising service. AmeriChina negotiates with international media and advertising platforms to maximize the promotions of our clients. Meanwhile, AmeriChina also offers Chinese-language media and advertising service. The media include: newspapers, magazines, television shows and internet video channels in the fields of business, fashion and lifestyle.