Buffett’s Shareholders Meeting

May, Ohama, USA


Buffett's shareholders' meeting is held for the global investor's Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett's company) Shareholders business meeting. Investors will meet Buffett, and have the opportunity to watch Warren's speech at the conference, which relates to the next investment opportunities and his view of the stock market. The conference also has Q & A section. The annual meeting is held in May at Buffett's hometown-Omaha. AmeriChina over all focus on the Buffett’s shareholders meeting, including the applications for permits, as well as provides the opportunity for politicians and business people, join the China investor meeting organized by the Sina Finance organization or the Chinese investor conference organized by Snowball Finance.


AmeriChina offers you to join the Buffett ceremony shareholders meeting. The tour can be designed different locations according to customer’s requirements. The new location open to Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other cities. We provide car service and full time VIP administrator for the tour.