The Globalized Promotion For Chinese Brands


Extending global market through online and offline promotion of Chinese brands.


Online Promotions
Help brand establish official social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare,etc.), ensure regular quantitative information dissemination for the brand; contact the US main media including Vogue and WWD. Increase brand global media exposure and target the market, establish and maintain overseas official websites. Also we will make and maintain your globalized official websites.


Offline Promotions
Invite professional agent for models shooting, street shooting; brand promotions and endorsement. We will invite celebrities, models, Bloggers join promotion events in the US ; invite spokesperson or celebrities to join the brand’s Fashion Show, Fashion cocktail and other related activities.


Based on many years of planning and execution of brand marketing business experience, AmeriChina provides the most comprehensive promotion for your brand. Chinese brands we have served our customers include Youku fashion, independent designer brand clothing XI, New York Fashion week new designer Xi and other brands. We also have worked with Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway, supermodel Ai Li, singer Wanting Song, Xinshuo Liang, actor Zishan Zhang and other celebrities.