Houston International Film Festival


Houston International Film Festival, founded in 1968 by Houston International Film Association, is widely known as the oldest independent film festival in the world. It has a great number of awards, aiming at assisting independent movies, attracting thousands of film makers each year to participate. Movie moguls such as Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee started their career by winning the awards at Houston International Film Festival. It is held each year in April, being one of the most important cultural events in Houston, drawing thousands of movies displayed in the festival.

April 2016, AmeriChina took our members to the 49th Houston International Film Festival; together we proudly witnessed the exciting moment of Chinese movies hitting the ground of the global stage. Chinese film A Class of One was awarded the Best Foreign Language Film, and its leading actor Sun Haiyin was also rewarded the Best Actor Award. Its director Lu Chuan has been awarded the Best Director by “Panoramas in China”. After the award show, the awards winning actors shared their happy moments with AmeriChina’s members.