Michelin Restaurant Week & Miami Cruise New Year Party

By the end of December, New York / Miami, USA


3-Start Michelin can be described as high-level gourmet. There were only 117 Michelin restaurants in the world in 2015. The condition is extremely demanding if to have Michelin stars. The taste, the creativity, the environment, and the services of a Michelin restaurant must be the world's top level. You will have the Michelin concept of gourmet experience. Miami has the world famous beach, sunbathing, sea fireworks, the annual December 31 New Year's Eve fireworks that attract visitors from all around the world to the ceremony every year. Also, you won’t miss the New Year’s Eve Party of the most well-known original cruise party.


AmeriChina takes you to New York, Miami to enjoy the famous Michelin 3-start restaurant and the most well-known cruise party, to experience the Hollywood stars New Year carnival feast.