Paris Fashion Week with Lan Yang


In March 2016, Her Village Club invited AmeriChina, senior stylist, Lao Hei, and its founder, Lan yang to the 2016 Paris Fashion Week to enjoy a meticulously designed tour in Paris. Lan Yang, as a representative of elegance and intelligence, with AmeriChina members experienced the fashion, culture, art and food in Paris. The world famous fashion senior stylist, Lao Hei, gave our members dressing ideas of the classis Paris style to make them more brillant and elegant throughout the Paris Fashion Week.

AmeriChina members and Lan Yang have been to the origins of Paris luxury, Paris Fashion House, to learn the history and development of Paris luxury culture. Their following trip was to Guerlain, which located on Champs-Élysées Avenue, to explore Guerlain’s brand history and backstage stories. Our members had valueable chances to experience Guerlain’s high-end customized makeup service, skin care products and SPA. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s fifth-generation perfumer, enjoyed the dinner and had a pleasant communication with our memebers. The trip ended at the famous jewerly museum, Chaumet, where our memebers were astonished by the Paris traditional jewelry culture. 

Except watching shows, AmeriChina members enjoyed Paris Art Exhibition, Michelin Guide resturant, and many other performances, which were filled with local French lifestyle. AmeriChina and Her Village Club invited world famous senior stylist, Lao Hei to teach and assist members design their own fashion style, including hair style, makeup and dressing. All the memorable experiences have brought them a great Paris Fashion Week Tour.