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NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- China's first Internet video conference - RedBang International Influencer Summit had its closing in September in Beijing. Having gathered hundreds of elites from around the world, the RedBang Summitsuccessfully provided the industry with meaningful thoughts in content generation, marketing strategy and video monetization.


RedBang Founder & CEO Bob Ding:
We're Influencer-Focused

As a pioneer in the business and the host of RedBang Summit, Mr. Bob Ding, shared his in-depth analysis of the industry: In the era of Internet influencers, the focus of online video industry has transformed from content to people.

He also analyzed three major factors that would determine the future of Internet influencer industry. First, Internet dramas are weakening the traditional media. Second, the rapid expansion of middle-class consumption will lead to a market revolution. Third, the entrance of virtual scene will gradually replace the current traffic-driven Internet.

Mr. Ding established his RedBang Influencer Community in February 2016 and has successfully organized dozens of influencer sharing and corporate trainings. Thoroughly explored Europe, U.S. and Korea market, the idea of hosting this first VidCon-alike convention in China came to Mr. Ding's sight.


Weibo Marketing Manager Liying Tian:
Weibo's Influencer Collaboration Strategy

As the largest social network in China, Weibo has three levels of collaboration with influencers: the primary level is called strategic partnership, which means large influencers get major resources; the second and third are called prioritized and standard partnership. They think the key of Weibo and influencers' cooperation is to build trust relationships and innovate business models.


Yixia Tech Vice President Zhengxin Liu
Miao Pai, the Creators' Platform

Yixia Technology owns both the largest short video-sharing platform Miao Pai and the most widely used live-streaming app Yi Zhi Bo. It was a trend that the user-generated videos were getting more professional than ever before. This was where Yixia found its business: helping short video creators to upload, manage, promote, and most importantly, monetizing from their videos. 


Five Degrees CEO Christiaan Eisberg
A Glance of Europe's Influencer Economy

Five Degrees became famous as the agency of Instagram influencers "Symmetry Breakfast". Its CEO Mr. Eisberg, shared his thoughts derived from the Europe market at the summit. There are three trends catching his attention: influencer's own brand; transform from pictures to videos and from one-way sharing to interactions.


YouNow CEO Adi Sideman:
Future of Live Streaming Platform

As the third largest live streaming video platform in U.S., YouNow heavily relies on user engagement. The CEO Mr. Sideman pointed out, "In the past we watched celebrities on screens, and today we interact with them on social platforms. These platforms enhanced the experience of online communication and would be more favorable in the future."


Tastemade Chief Content Officer Oren Katzeff:
The Secret of Superior Content

Tastemade is the world's largest network offering food and travel related digital programming. The CCO Mr. Katzeff addressed four key points in creating successful content: emotion, incitement, enlightenment and self-creation. The dynamic blend of video, mobility, society and globalization will increase the competitiveness among marketers. Favorable contents not only attract the traffics, but also arouse audience's interest to comment and share.


AmeriChina Group CEO Jingzhu Yang:
Overseas Expansion for Internet Influencers

As RedBang's strategic partner in the U.S., AmeriChina Group's Founder and CEO Jingzhu Yang presented a speech of overseas strategy for Internet influencers. With access to many world-renowned events, such as Oscar Awards Ceremony, New York Fashion Week, First Lady Luncheon, AmeriChina is able to connect influencers with global opportunities.


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