United Nations Chinese Achievement Exhibition of Contemporary Art


On August 20, 2015, United Nations 70+ Chinese Achievement Exhibition of Contemporary Art was held from the Oriental Perspective by United National Culture and Sports Foundation, Chinese Achievement Exhibition of Contemporary Art Committee and AmeriChina Group. A great number of Chinese contemporary artist joined the exhibition with their finest works, in hopes of showcasing the progress and development of Chinese contemporary art, and enhance the frequency of artistic and academic communications amongst the Chinese contemporary artists by Artist Lectures. Worldly renowned contemporary artists including Wang Zhiwen, Bei Jinming, Rao Zonggu, Hong Zongxuan were invited to the exhibition.

This exhibition was a huge sensation amongst media and the arts industry, and gained a large media coverage. The guests are well recognized in the society, including officials from the United Nations, worldly renowned artists as well as business elite. The event was reported by international media affiliations such as World Journal and New York News.

The President of United National Culture and Sports Foundation, Amy Zhou, spoke highly of this exhibition and recognized the significance of Chinese arts in the global platform. United National Culture and Sports Foundation paid strong attention to the innovation and creativity of the designs of the exhibition.

Chinese Interior Designer, Hong Zhongxuan, the US Congress Award winner, California State Award winner, Los Angeles Mayor Award winner, designer of the top deck of Burj Khalifa; Crafts Master of Asian-Pacific Region, Renowned Chinese Industrial Arts Master, Jade Designer, Li Fusheng; and Chinese Industrial Arts Master, Chinese National “Non-Cultural Heritage” Master Wang Zhiwen addressed at the exhibition. They expressed their high remarks about the exhibition and encouraged more people participated in the exhibition, keeping the development of the arts.