Independent Designer Fashion Show: XI NYFW Show


The latest New York Fashion Week, which title sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, closed on September 17, 2015. NYFW designers has conveyed the audiences a perfect visual feast within  the most densely populated borough, Manhattan. Chinese Fashion became the new topic during the NYFW, which is hard to be neglected. XI, the leading independent designer brand which stands out from many other Asia brands, started its first New York fashion show with New York fashion public relations firm, AmeriChina, and YouMu Culture .

At the night of September 12, 2015, XI 2016 New York Spring Fashion Week Show has been held in Manhattan. Many fashion and culture celebrities attended the show, which has been reported by domestic and overseas medias. The unprecedented presence aroused the attention from more than 200 guests, which included culture deputy consul general, consul and counsellor from consulate general of the People's Republic of China in New York, the president of MK Capital, real estate investors, designers, fashion buyers and collectors, authors from Mod fashion magazine, fashion models and fashion icons. 

Amy Yang, who is the top designer of Chinese Designer Talent Hot List, showed her design ideas that relied on clothes to spread the national culture and energy through NYFW. Amy Yang, majoring in installation art, has been to many ethnic villages to learn about their culture after graduation. 

When Amy Yang talks about her travel experiences, she says, “Women in ethnic villages are devoted to manual design. Their handworks’ beauty was not inferior to those luxury brands. There was a village in southwest named Miao has large numbers of skillful handworks, unique fabric, and hand made silver accessories, which were complicated to make. It would be an agonizing pity if we cannot see these delicate handworks any more.” She began learning and researching classic hand made industry and focusing on the cultural inheritance of ethnic minorities. When Yang founded the brand, she considered how to positioning ‘made in China,' how to spread the Chinese customized clothing culture beauty to the world and how to build the brand image to better reserve the inheritance. Yang wanted to tell the world that China not only has Qipao and Hanfu, but also has pluralistic national culture.

XI displayed the Chinese clothing culture by showing the improvement of the complicated traditional Chinese clothing, which integrated the designer’s understanding of fashion culture. With the beautiful traditional music, this show wined a round of applause based on the ingenuity try. Yang applied soft decoration to the clothing based on her more than ten years’ soft decoration experiences to tell the classic precious stories in the most directly and moving way. This show exhibited the eternal charm of the combined Chinese traditional hand made and modern beauty.